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"Now, I'm not a snob, I'm not a snobbish person, it's all the same to me: literature, porno, dog-racing."

"Oh, kill me, you busty Jewess!"
"dynamo" from running man, achewood, agalloch, agent 47, amon amarth, asai moonsaults, big black, c'mell, captain wow, catwings, charlie brooker, chinotto, coil, conan the cimmerian, current 93, d6 extra attacks, dank nugs, dean learner, devon rexes, engineering, eve online, french theory jerks, gothenburg death metal, grant morrison, greg egan, gsv ethics gradient, hayao miyazaki, helicopter hangings, hugh fearnley-whittingstall, jazz cigarettes, jim jarmusch, john wyndham, jonathan meades, kasrkin, keiji mutoh, kobashi!!!, kosh naranek, lapsang souchong, lassitude, latro in the mist, lee lin chin, lost carcosa, louis theroux, louis wain, marrying kari byron, materials science, mirah, mother hitton's littul kittons, my bloody valentine, nethack, norwegian forest cats, orbital, pg wodehouse, phil ken sebben, physics nerdery, pier pasolini, platinum grit, pretentious girls, ric flair, ridiculous pornography, rock-hard cat cock, roy batty, same hat same hat, scanners live in vain, secret shine, seven soldiers of victory, severian the torturer, shellac of north america, slaught, sleep, sloth, slow wave, slowdive, sonic youth, spaceships with awesome names, stephen fry, streaky the supercat, suehiro maruo, team fortress 2, the eyechild, the fate of norns, the horse rotorvator, the king in yellow, the legendary pink dots, the ordo malleus, the sabres of paradise, the sillier roman poets, the wu tang family, the zetetic elench, titus pullo, tom waits, tony montana's coke-frosted nose, two lone swordsmen, ulillillia, ur-quan masters, viking metal, we3, whale-themed funeral metal, willy rey, yo la tengo, young-hae chang